Bird Hunting

scott   March 14, 2016   No Comments on Bird Hunting

We decided to take the kids up North to go partridge hunting. This is serious business. Deer season will be starting in two weeks and I need to find a bird that will sit still so my 12 year old daughter can shoot it. I know it sounds terrible, we actually drove up north where the birds move a little… Read more »

Bird Hunting Our Way Home

scott   September 15, 2015   No Comments on Bird Hunting Our Way Home

We went out driving around hunting for partridge. For a few miles we see moose and squirrels and then we see a bear. After a while we see partridge again and of course Jessica has to jump out to shoot it. I’m her chauffeur for the day again. That’s alright. She prepares the meals and apparently catches them too. This time Jessica jumps out of the… Read more »

The Easiest Hunt!

scott   September 4, 2015   No Comments on The Easiest Hunt!

Okay, so let’s get back to hunting again! Have you ever been so overly prepared that it’s almost too easy? This particular hunt was nothing short of amazing. So let me just start at the beginning! It’s the end of September, the trucks are getting packed to go, and the weather is going to be perfect! We probably don’t need… Read more »

Moose Hunt!

scott   June 17, 2015   No Comments on Moose Hunt!

Hey everyone let’s talk about moose hunting! How many people here have ever been on a moose hunt in the great state of Maine? Well we have on several occasions, and moose hunting is either going to be great or it’s gonna suck! It really comes down to who you go with and whether or not they really are hunters… Read more »